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Daughters of Charity Health Centers is now DePaul Community Health Centers.

Emergency Preparedness

It's Hurricane Season... Are You Prepared?

Hurricane season runs June 1 through November 30. Don’t be caught without your prescription medication during an emergency. Consider keeping a 30-day-supply of your everyday prescription on-hand to eliminate long pharmacy wait times and potentially higher prices at competing pharmacies when disaster strikes.

Didn’t plan ahead? Don’t panic. In the event of an emergency, DePaul Community Health Center patients may contact the emergency hotline at 1-866-820-7727 for prescription related matters. During an emergency, additional information regarding health center closures, etc. will be available on this page, (Facebook DePaul Community Health Center) and Twitter (@DCSNOHealthcare).

Emergency Preparedness

In the event of an emergency, information will be placed on this website and distributed to the media.

Patients may also call our emergency hotline at 1-866-820-7727 for more information.

Other Potential Emergency Scenarios 

City of New Orleans Hurricane Evacuation Guidelines
An evacuation notice will be issued when a hurricane is forecast to present a danger to the Greater New Orleans Area. The notice to evacuate will be issued, depends on the landfall probability in this area and also on the speed and severity of the storm. In the event of a Category 3 Hurricane the Mayor of the City of New Orleans will institute the City Assisted Evacuation Plan (CAEP). The CAEP is a program designed to help people who have no means of evacuation of their own.

Alert & Notifications:

The local and/or national media will be the primary source of information regarding pending emergencies.

Below are some basic steps to respond to more common emergency situations.

Medical Emergency

• Call 911 immediately.
• Do not move the person unless he or she is in danger.
• Avoid leaving the person except to summon help.
• Render first aid or CPR if you are trained and qualified.


• Manually activate the fire alarm.
• Immediately exit the building and close the door(s) behind you.
• Tell others in the area that there is a fire.
• Call 911 when you have reached safety.

Advocacy Centers of Excellence

Our “Patient-Centered Medical Home Model” has positioned us to garner recognition for providing safe and innovative health care. We’ve earned distinction from several entities and made several service improvements.